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Diana Prince
antiquarian (30)
Antiquities dealer, into art resoration and museums. If that doesn't sound boring, let us talk.

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Player Information

Name: Cyn
Contact: [plurk.com profile] fables
Are you 18 or older: Y
Character Information

Character Type: OU
Canon: DC Cinematic Universe
Name: Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
Physical Age: Appears to be in her early 30s; according to various sources, anywhere from 800 - 5,000 years old.
Does this character have the mental maturity of an adult: Y
Canon Point: Post Batman v Super: Dawn of Justice

History: Her history is a bit spread out over two movies, so Wonder Woman & Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The important details from BvS regarding Diana:

  • Diana steals a data drive from Bruce Wayne containing data on Lex Luthor; she discovered Luthor had a file on her and possessed an important picture

  • Diana returns the data drive to Bruce, exchanges a few barbs with him, and disappears again

  • Bruce discovers that Luthor had been investigating "metahumans" and that Diana Prince was one of them

  • Diana shows up at the end, dressed in her Wonder Woman gear, to fight Doomsday alongside Superman and Batman

  • At the end of the movie, Diana talks to Bruce, who discusses looking for others like her. It's implied she will join him in the hunt.

CRAU Game History: N/A

Incentive: It would be easy to ask for help fighting the war humanity is currently engaged in (at least in her universe), or helping humanity in general, and she contemplates it at first. But Diana believes in humans having a choice in how they live their lives and recognizes that making a choice to do right is a powerful tool, one that shouldn't be taken away from them. As for the fight - she is working to assemble a team to take on that fight and trusts her skills, and those of her compatriots, to be enough to handle the job.

Thus, her incentive is simple: She wants always to find Themyscira. She hasn't been able to return home easily, thanks to the magical shielding that protects the island from the eyes of Man. Being able always to find her home means any journeys she undertakes to find it won't be for naught, and she will be able to see her mother and family more often.

Threat Level: Medium

Diana is an immortal demi-goddess with lethal power and no morally superior rules about not killing. However, she will only kill those who she deems bad enough to deserve death - usually the types who are infringing upon the lives of other people, those who prey on innocents (especially women and children), and those who are trying to stand in the way of justice. Ultimately, she wants peace; sometimes that just means killing.

She also has a tendency not always to obey rules, if she thinks they are stupid or are standing in the way of justice. That said, she is capable of following rules when she understands the importance of them, and when they involve something that is important to her, such as her incentive. While she might not like people who were formerly considered terrible in their worlds (or committed terrible actions), she won't actively go and seek them out to harm them, as she has no evidence of their wrong-doing and believes that people can be reformed.

Network Sample (and if that isn't long enough, another from a TDM for Eudio)
Bracket or Prose Action Sample (which also includes some network talk at first, but moves into action)

Notes: Diana will be arriving with her Wonder Woman costume, including the lasso of truth, bracers, sword, and shield. She'll keep her identity as Diana Prince and Wonder Woman separate, for the time being.

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Mar. 15th, 2017 08:51 pm
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open post

want diana for anything? throw a picture, prompt, starter, etc. at me

(I'll also gladly write starters.)


Jun. 15th, 2010 09:01 pm
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How am I doing with Diana?
Leave feedback here. Anon enabled, IP screening off.


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diana prince / wonder woman

To be human is to love

I used to want to save the world, this beautiful place. But the closer you get, the more you see the great darkness simmering within. I learnt this the hard way, a long, long time ago.